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Wednesday August 23, 2006 7:50 am

Apple Nutrition Facts

Apple displayThe old adage, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away,” may not be just something our grandmother’s told us. Apples, members of the rose family, are portable nutrition packages that are quite tasty.

Apples have been found to reduce the risk of stroke and Type II diabetes and to improve bowel function.  Flavonoids, abundant in apples, help prevent the growth of prostate cancer cells, and phytochemicals in the skin of apples seem to inhibit the reproduction of colon cancer cells. Two recent studies indicated that eating five apples a week helped lower the risk for respiratory diseases like asthma. Apples also help protect arteries from plaque build up, and eating two apples a day or drinking a 12 ounce glass of apple juice reduced the effects of cholesterol. Also, pectin and other acids in apples help aid digestion. That’s why apples are great served with rich foods like pork or lamb or duck.
Apples have more nutrients if eaten raw with their skin, but they should be washed thoroughly. Just under that wonderful colored coat lies half of the Vitamin C content of the apple. The skin also has lots of fiber and is the source of the apple’s characteristic fragrance. 
A raw medium apple (two and a half inches in diameter), eaten with the skin, has only 80 calories, 5 grams of fiber, and is a great source of potassium. It also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, and Vitamin C and A. The apple is composed of 80-85 percent water, 5 percent protein, and 10-15 percent carbohydrates. It also is sodium free and fat free.
Apples also are 25 percent air. That is the reason why they float when you put them in a tub of water at Halloween parties and dunk for them.



Alive Vitamins Alive Vitamins 6/6/13 7:47 am

Good article. I can testify to experiencing better bowel movement when I eat apples because I had eaten a habanero pepper. Which is one of the hottest peppers in the world. I had a lot of stomach pain and found out later that apples have a cooling effect in your stomach to alleviate the pain.

Interesting facts. I really do need to start eating more apples! My diet mainly used to consist of energy drinks and chicken burgers. An apple for dessert is always a good change I suppose!

Interesting facts… apples are really good for health.
I know one more fact about apples…Apple tree was originated in the area between the Caspian and the Black Sea.

Thanks for sharing these amazing facts grin

There are too many health benefits with apples to list. Have an apple a day - literally! smile

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probiotics probiotics 10/9/13 1:04 pm

Yeah apples are good. You always want to look for organic apples though and if you can go apple picking locally for the best and freshest apples you can find. I went a few weeks ago to organic apple orchard and then to a non-organic orchard and the non was a complete joke compared to the organic. Not even on the same level.

low carb man low carb man 10/9/13 5:12 pm

Thanks for the post. Very informative. Truly apple is the fruit of live.

Many benefits provided by an apple for health, especially adult men. Fears adult men is prostate cancer disease that can cause death, by eating apples prostate cancer cells can be minimized.

Apple Cider Apple Cider 12/12/13 7:37 pm

i always find that if you eat one apple a day you will never go to doctor

Apple Cider Apple Cider 12/12/13 7:39 pm

so you can waths this vedio to know more about tha beneft of apple http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngregOtmnd4

Low Carb High Protein Recipes Low Carb High Protein Recipes 1/1/14 5:57 pm

When the weather is cold (for some reason that I’m not aware of) people tend to not eat as much fruit. For this reason I developed a very simple way to make applesauce without cooking the apples - easier and better for you.

Puree in blender or food processor, 4 peeled and cored apples and 1 peeled banana. That’s it!

You can of course add things like apple pie spice or cinnamon and you can even warm it up in the microwave and serve with a dollop of vanilla yogurt. Great way to get a few servings of fruit into your day as a breakfast, snack or dessert.

Its a very informative article. the information about the five apples a week can help us tp prevent asthma, is new for me and found it interesting.
I have read some where that eating apples at morning is more beneficial than taking it at night time. if some one have the answer, then kindly reply?

Vincent @ Best Protein Bars Report Vincent @ Best Protein Bars Report 1/6/14 3:27 am

The only problem I have with apples is getting good juicy sweet apples out of season. I love to have an apple every now and then, bt getting them out of season sucks.

Prevent Diabetes Prevent Diabetes 2/19/14 5:26 am

Diabetes has has become a common occurrence today due to sedentary lifestyle. Eating an apple a day can be a good preventive measure. Apples Soluble fiber helps to prevent and control Diabetes.

Not nearly enough people have been eating apples, i just read article that was made in 2007 which said theres 26million adult type diabetics in US. Today in 2014 that number is 40MILLION! People really should start taking care of themselves

Eating raw fruits and vegetables as your diet can reverse diabetes. That is what I found out from the video that talks about an ebook called reverse your diabetes today. It is all about diet.

Sorry it said url in the commenting box so I though it would post it. This is the video about how a raw diet can change your health:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_U-OtMU92Ig

A really good article. We forget sometimes that the old sayings have so much truth in them.

salt free diet salt free diet 6/13/14 10:51 pm

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arisnoni arisnoni 7/4/14 1:53 pm

Eat an apple instead of eating breakfast can help the body to make toxins while cleansing morning. The effect could be to normalize body weight. This has been done by my wife and the results were outstanding.

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