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Tuesday April 9, 2013 2:03 pm

How much sugar is in random foods? [Video]

Sugar in foods

Did you know that a Hot n Spicy McChicken sandwich has 17 grams more sugar than a regular McChicken? Ot that light ranch dressing has twice the amount of sugar as regular old ranch? Yeah, sugar hides out in the most unexpected places. Check out the video below for a few more surprises.



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Thorsten Thorsten 11/9/13 7:53 am

Ah, good to know. I love<a href=“http://www.backenmitvollkorn.de/”>bread</a>.
I do wish that most people understood that grain breaks down into sugar,
which is immediately processed. It’s a very healthy thing to eat (though this is healthier then white bread),
but in moderation it is delicious!

a lot of sugar will be bad for your health spesially if you don’t practise sports

Nice one man.Really amazed to see how grain breaks up into sugar.But I have recently read in a blogg http://jagdeepbajwa.net/vitamins-for-hair/ that the mac downalds burgers has transfat and that trans fat is very bad for our body.Is it true or not please tell me about that??

this is ridiculous, im currently on a detox, thanks for the eye opener

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Hey Andru
Thanks for all the great information.  I love your blog!  I was really shocked to hear about the regular ranch has less sugar than the light ranch.  I bet most people have no idea. 
Thanks again

Bartolomeo Bartolomeo 4/16/14 6:58 pm

haha amazing,
Thanks for information good to know

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Nowra accommodation Nowra accommodation 5/30/14 1:46 am

a lot of sugar will be bad for your health specially you don’t exercise and you don’t involve yourself to any active activity.

Ieuan Nash Ieuan Nash 6/23/14 12:48 am

i like your article thanks for info

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