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Wednesday October 24, 2012 5:13 pm

How to make homemade butter (recipe!)

Homemade butter

This weekend we purchased a KitchenAid Professional 5 mixer. I have wanted one of these mixers for years, but they're expensive and I didn’t want to spend the money. As it turns out, we purchased this used on Craigslist for $130 (which excites me enough to add it to this post.) It was originally listed for $200 (and retails for over $400,) and I'm very proud to have negotiated (with some assistance) to the final price.

After we got the mixer and brought it home, we felt like we needed to immediately start using it due to the excitement. However, we needed to do some shopping and didn't have a lot of time right then. I remembered that we had some heavy cream in the refrigerator that Andru purchased for our coffee. We normally follow a Paleo diet and this cream, from grass fed cows, is an acceptable part of the program. That said, this month I'm following the Whole30 program, and that doesn't allow any dairy except butter from grass fed cows. I knew butter that butter is made by churning cream, but I thought for sure there was more to it than that.

Pure Eire organic heavy cream

I searched online and found some guidance, and it looked simple. All you need is cream, and a mixer! I poured the cream into the mixing bowl and gradually turned the mixer up to high. The heavy cream started to turn into what looked like whipped cream. The instructions I followed said to just keep on mixing, so I did (although the idea of getting into that whipped cream was tempting to stop!) After just another minute of mixing, the color of the cream become yellow, and there was liquid in the bowl again with much more solid chunks of butter. I made butter!

Homemade butter

There was still one last step. You have to drain out the liquid, and pack the butter tightly together. Then rinse it under cold running water until the water is clear. This final step removes any last bit of the milk, which could make your butter spoil if left in. I didn't use a cheesecloth or any fancy Sur La Table gadgets to pack the butter together--I just took it in my hands and pressed it together and ran it under water.

Once this was done, I put it in a covered container and placed it in the refrigerator. It should last just as long as the butter you'd normally purchase at the grocery store. I've used our butter a few times already, and I feel pretty proud of myself. I think we are going to now make some flavored and seasoned butters and see how those turn out.

Have you ever made butter at home?



Phat Mastering Phat Mastering 5/28/13 4:40 am

Hi Taylor,

Thanks so much for this recipe.  I’ve been pestering my wife to make some homemade butter ever since we tasted it in a local restaurant with some fresh warm bread.  It was like nothing I’ve ever tasted.

Will be printing this and taking it home with me tonight.  I’ll convince my wife to make the butter while I finish off some work for our <a >online mastering service</a>.

Thanks again!

Thanks for this recipe! I’m going to try it tonight.

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Morg (health researcher) Morg (health researcher) 8/6/13 7:49 am

I’ve always loved dairy and home-made butter has crossed my mind before. I like that you’ve used organic cream from grass fed cows, but did you consider using unpasteurised cream, or is that something that is hard to get in your location? I haven’t made any butter yet but this post has been bookmarked for a rainy day, thanks! smile

Nadia - Paleo dieet fan Nadia - Paleo dieet fan 9/8/13 6:01 pm

Please let me thank you for sharing this, i made the butter this day and i loved it!

App Store App Store 9/19/13 1:12 am

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Thanks a lot for this post, it´s not that difficult to make, so i´ll give it a try.

Finally, a simple homemade butter recipe!  Thanks for the info… been looking for one for a while now. Seems like every other recipe requires either uncommon equipment or lots of time.

John Latno John Latno 11/5/13 4:34 pm

This is very interesting but I am not sure about any sort of cream being acceptable on the Paleo diet.

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Quick Easy Healthy Recipes Quick Easy Healthy Recipes 1/3/14 8:04 pm

I was laughing as I ready your post about making butter as it brought up memories of when I used to work in a restaurant as a cook and would often walk away from the mixer when it was beating cream into whipped cream and often when I came back to the mixer I had butter instead of whipped cream.

The fun part though was that I would use this butter to create new twists on dishes we already had on the menu. For instance we would make a whipped cream flavored with sherry and toasted almonds. When that turned to butter, which when I was cooking happened at least once an evening, I would use the butter to drizzle over sauteed spinach or something similar.

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Indian recipes Indian recipes 3/1/14 10:42 am

I find it the easiest way of making butter at home, will be trying soon. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Lynn Rose Lynn Rose 3/4/14 9:08 pm

Butter is always super hard to make. I’ve tried and it’d turned out too watery!

I really should try this. I usually take it a step further and use butter to make ghee - super easy, and great if you’re on a primal / paleo diet, as mentioned frequently on my Paleo / Whole30 blog at http://FreeRangePaleo.com - but butter… hmmm, seems like hard work! Maybe when I finally get myself a KitchenAid mixer - that’s been on my wishlist for years too!

Quick Easy Healthy Recipes Quick Easy Healthy Recipes 3/15/14 2:35 pm

lanB - I would never take the time to make my own butter without a Kitchen Aid mixer and frankly whenever I made butter that way it was always by accident - leaving the mixer unattended while whipping cream - LOL

I like your suggestion to make ghee. It’s much easier to cook with butter when the milk solids have been removed. If I’m sauteing something with butter that hasn’t been gheed I use a little oil to keep it from burning. Doesn’t make it any healthier, just keeps the butter from burning.

kidspace kidspace 3/31/14 8:09 am

I believe go for now create some flavorful and professional butters and see how all those convert out.

law firm connect law firm connect 3/31/14 9:29 am

Butter is often extremely tough to build. I’ve used and it would converted out as well watering.

yacon syrup review yacon syrup review 4/4/14 8:40 am

Interesting. I didnt know that that was so easy to make butter! I am going to try and test this out.

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I´ve been thinking many times earlier about making my own butter.This post pushes me   forward to get started.

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Killer deal on the mixer. I’m jealous. Nice job!

Great article, shared it with my friends. Thank you and looking forward for further posts!

Very nice share man, thanks for this very useful!

Thanks again

Good article, interesting read.  Thank you.


Jennifer Palmer Jennifer Palmer 8/8/14 9:06 am

What a great recipe thank you so much for sharing. I have always wanted to make my own, homemade butter so look forward to trying it out later on today. Thanks again.

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