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Thursday July 19, 2012 11:04 pm

Modifying my poached egg sous vide recipe

Poached Egg Sous Vide recipe

A few days ago I shared a sous-vide poached egg recipe. Since then I've been playing around with it and modifying it to make it even better. Today I wrapped the eggs a little tighter, forcing all the air from the top, thinking that was the key to keeping them from floating and cooking a little more. I also tried to capture a picture of the low level boil in my pot. In the picture from today you can see the difference in the egg white at the top where it was pulled into the pouch format. It left the top just a little more translucent than it was yesterday. I remember a Top Chef episode in which Padma would not even try a contestant's dish because she felt the egg was still a little raw. Today I felt like there was a chance Padma might reject my breakfast, so I popped it on the microwave for about 15 seconds. Tomorrow (yes doing this for a third day - I love these!) I will try to make less of a pouch with the egg. I think the ramekin might be too deep and something more shallow would help.

The first day I added the egg on top of Gobble Green gluten-free vegetable hash browns - which, by the way, were delicious! I don't find the Gobble Green products to be super visually appealing and this was the second thing we have tried but it tasted great!

Today I put our egg on top off leftovers. This was a great dish Andru made that I also wanted to mention because it was our first time trying - noodles. That meal was delicious and even passed the test of an 8 year old. He added kale and carrots and made his own sauce. We will definitely make again!



priscila priscila 5/23/13 2:16 pm

Wow, very cool. Definitely trying this tomorrow morning. I’ve gotten pretty good at poaching, after I finally figured out that the “vortex” method just WASN’T my friend!

jual baju bola jual baju bola 8/27/13 3:19 am

The food looks so delicious and I’d love to try it, I hope to make myself later

yummy i like it so much thanks for share it wih us
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Morrison Morrison 10/15/13 8:26 am

That is an interesting trick to have the poached egg cook alittle more. It sure looks appealing

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thank you

Wow, i really like with your receipt. i will try it at home and make it for my father, my mother, my little brother. this article really helo me full.. thank you very much

Easy Paleo Recipes Easy Paleo Recipes 3/15/14 2:52 pm

Eggs on top of leftovers is one of our fave dinners around here. A plate of garlic flavored spinach doesn’t stand a chance of passing the kid squad, but top it with a poached egg and suddenly they’re digging in!

any body know to make eastern recipe?

Grosir pakaian Grosir pakaian 4/27/14 8:45 am

You make me slobber miss!!
Can I get the secret of making this flirting food? LOL

Looks really delicious!

The food looks so delicious and I’d love to try it, I hope to make myself later

master138 master138 7/19/14 5:01 am

Look like really delicious..

master138 master138 7/19/14 5:03 am

agree, the food looks very delicious

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