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Wednesday July 11, 2012 5:52 pm

Poached eggs sous-vide recipe

Eggs sous-vide on hash browns

We recently completed the Whole30 challenge and are now settled in to eating a paleo diet. I am not the one that does the cooking in the house but yesterday Andru told me about sous-vide cooking and we actually backed the Nomiku from Kickstarter after watching their video. Shortly after I saw a tweet with a video showing how to sous-vide an egg without buying an $800 machine, and I wanted to know more. I don't regret our Nomiku purchase at all--it wasn't $800--but since it won't arrive until December, I wanted to find something else in the meantime.

Sous vide eggs ramekin

The instructions were short and easy to follow.  I took a square of Cling Wrap and brushed it with some coconut oil that happened to already be melted since we are having a bit of a heat wave right now. I added salt, pepper, and freshly-chopped rosemary to the Cling Wrap square. I then put the square on top of a ramekin, held loosely enough so it lined the dish instead of a tight seal on the top, cracked an egg into the ramekin, and grabbed the edges to create a pouch. I needed something to seal my pouch so in the pictures what you will see is pink yarn.

Poached Eggs sous-vide recipe

The one mistake I will change next time is that I let a little pocket of air between the egg and the yarn "seal" on top. I put the two eggs into gently-boiling water for 3 minutes and 10 seconds. As the timer counted down I noticed that the little pocket of air was floating so I used my slotted spoon to push fully submerge these under the water.

Sous vide eggs

When the timer went off, I was pleased with the outcome. One of my eggs came out perfect, and the other needed just a few more seconds to finish cooking the top portion that had been floating - a great lesson to learn to make sure all of the egg is under water.  These were so simple to make, I will definitely cook them a few times a week!



I love the great cooking alternatives. 



Dave @ food catering chicago Dave @ food catering chicago 10/8/13 7:08 am

This is my first time to see cooking eggs like this… impressive way.. smile
No need to peal from the egg shells when done cook.

Thanks Ms. Morten for this impressive cooking… Very <a href=“http://www.foodcateringchicago.com/wedding-catering-illinois/”>unique cooking</a> of the eggs. Twi thumbs up

Alves Allan Alves Allan 2/22/14 2:47 pm

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Easy Paleo Recipes Easy Paleo Recipes 3/15/14 2:47 pm

Thanks for sharing this technique. I have to admit I probably wouldn’t go to all this trouble to create what is basically a seasoned poached egg so I will definitely be checking out Kickstarter for the machine you mentioned. Sounds interesting.

If you want a short cut version for a seasoned poached egg I think adding seasoned vinegar to the water when poaching the egg would do it. The vinegar helps to hold the egg together when poaching and the seasoning gives it a bit of flavor just like your recipe above does.

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